New Event Proposal #1:

Environmental Justice Walk Against Cancer and Pollution
Sat, April 26, 10am – 11am
Meet in front of Martin Luther King Jr. Park
5700 block of 3rd Street at Carroll
Bayview District of SF
Map at

Let’s march together in memory of our loved ones who have passed or are suffering from cancer, and dedicate ourselves to work for healthy, resilient communities and environmental justice.

Sponsored by Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice Huntersview Mothers and Fathers Committee for Health and Environmental Justice 350 Bay Area 350SF Breast Cancer Actiom Occupy San Francisco Environmental Justice Working Group


New Event Proposal #2:

2014 SF Workers Memorial Day-Fighting For Health And Safety And Healthcare For Injured Workers
April 28, 2014 7:00 PM
ILWU Local 34
5 Berry St./Next To AT&T Ball Park
San Francisco, CA

Workers Memorial Day San Francisco
Remember The Dead, Fight For The Living

Join injured workers, health and safety advocates, healthcare advocates and others on Workers Memorial Day in San Francisco on April 28, 2014. In California workers face a more and more dangerous situation on the job with injuries and deaths from workplace toxins and hazards. New technologies such as biotech and nanotech are unregulated and workers union and unorganized who speak out about health and safety are illegally retaliated against in many workplaces.
At the same time, California has only 162 OSHA inspectors for 18 million workers and the state refuses to even hire more inspectors with money that has already been appropriated. Ca-OSHA whistleblowers are now speaking out about the need to defend Ca-OSHA to protect California workers on the job.
Workplace bullying on the job is also creating more health problems including depression which is now a larger part of workplace injuries yet has been threatened by California SB 863 which limits compensation for these injuries.
Injured workers also face a growing crisis after they have to go through one obstacle course after another to get their healthcare. Doctors who are not even licensed in California operate through an outsourced company called Maximus which has anonymous doctors giving determination about whether workers are able to get their healthcare needs met.
On this day we will commemorate those workers killed on the job and those workers and their families who are fighting for healthcare and justice on the job.

Sponsored by
Injured Workers National Network
California Coalition For Workers Memorial Day
For information contact (415)282-1908

Watchdog Group: Cal/OSHA’s Staff Level Has Fallen Below Minimum Standard for Federal Funding href=””>garrettdbrown [at],0,37926.story#axzz2tinaWFPl,0,37926.story
Workplace Bullying Takes Its Toll-Mistreatment at city departments costs San Francisco millions