Direct Action Training Day and Film Screenings – Thursday April 24th – 9AM to 6PM @ the Sudo Room (2141 Broadway – use side door on 22nd)

Thursday – April 24th – 9:00 AM-6:00 PM – The Sudo Room – 2141 Broadway Ave. Downtown Oakland (Use side entrance on 22nd st.) California

We will have copies of the the Rebel Workers Handbook and Earth First Direct Action Manual for donations.

We are training for direct actions from April 22nd to May 1st that will raise awareness about the intersections of labor rights, indigenous rights, immigration rights, gentrification, and environmental justice issues.

This will full day of Direct Action trainings/workshops on how to use a diversity of non-violent direct action tactics and skills such as pickets/strikes, lockdowns, climbing techniques/treesits, banner drops, blockades, security culture, scouting, targets, labor law, legal observation, counter-surveillance, affinity groups, protest art and much more.

We have seen in the past few years “health and safety” and environmental regulations have been increasingly violated, disregarded, and dismantled by greedy, self serving actors like the Koch Brothers, proponents of the Trans-Pacific “free trade” Pact, and other corporate and state entities. Indigenous People, workers, immigrants, and environmentalists are rising up across the world to take a stand to defend the Earth and their human rights.

From Earth Day to May Day we are going to step up our game in the Bay. Here we have a long history of taking effective direct actions to achieve our demands and now we are at the point where we must stand together and fight for Environmental Justice in our communities. With climate change upon us we can’t wait for an eco-revolution. We have to make it.

Schedule to be updated!

9-10 AM Affinity Groups and Security Culture – Elliot

Description: Learn how to form an affinity group / column and keep it secure so that you can build and take effective direct actions with your friends


10- 11 AM Copwatch – Berkeley Cop Watch

Know Your Rights: Learn how to safely film police brutality, record evidence, and what the basic laws and types of stops by police are.


11 – Noon Lock Downs and Hard Blockades – Elliot

Learn how to build long lasting Non-violent Blockades that will effectively stop your target from functioning


Noon – 1 : 20 PM Films!

10 min – Kahsatstenhsera: Indigenous Resistance to Tar Sands Pipelines – Kahsatstenhsera gah-sad-sdanh-se-ra is a Kanienkeha:ka (Mohawk) word that means Strength in Unity. This short documentary details contemporary Indigenous resistance to tar sands pipeline expansion, in particular the Line 9 and Energy East pipelines, which threaten the health of our territories in the northeast of Turtle Island. It includes the voices and perspectives of Dene, Wolastiqiyik, Mi’kmaq, Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee and Wet’suwet’en land defenders.

“Just do it!” is a film about direct actions in the UK including when trade unionists and environmental activists took over the Vestas wind turbine factory to stop it’s closure.


“Rocking The Foundations” – The film is about the Builders Labourers’ Federation of Australia who fought victoriously for their rights as a union, the rights of indigenous people, against gentrification, and in defense of the environment. They did this by performing the first of what are now known as the “green bans” or an environmental strike.

1: 20 – 2 PM How to organize Legal support for direct action organizing – Trans and Women’s Action Camp

Learn how to research the Laws for direct actions and do Jail support


2 – 3 PM Direct action 101 + scouting – Trans and Women’s Action Camp

Learn how to effectively plan direct actions!!!


3- 4PM Mutual Aid Blockades: Eviction Defense, Buses, and more: At Eviction Free San Francisco, a direct action mutual aid collective, we’ve found that one of the best ways to put pressure on speculators and tech companies is to take direct action on the streets. We’ve used a variety of tactics, from stopping Google buses demanding evictions be rescinded immediately, to linking arms outside of homes being evicted by speculators. We’ve also organized numerous protests outside of the homes and offices of landlords, investors, and real estate companies. Come learn about our tactics and mutual aid organizing strategies, and help think of new ways to fight against a political economy of dispossession. – Eviction free sf


4-5 PM The intersections of the Labor movement and the movement for Environmental Justice – Brooke Anderson from Movement Generation and Elliot

5-6 PM Internet Security – Crypto Party!
Learn how to keep your electronics and internet use secure!

Hope to see yall there!!!

Contact ecogeneralstrike [at] to help organize or propose a workshop!