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From April 28th to May 1st, My Fellow Workers and I will be taking several
direct actions to orchestrate a General Strike of the poor, the
unemployed, and working class. Our goal is the liberation of the people
the planet that is our home. With the increasing amount of
industrial disasters we cannot wait any longer because now what is on the
line is the Health and Safety of all workers of world. The events and
direct actions that are listed on the Earth Day to May Day Calendar
( are a symbol to the world of a larger
strategy and vision. We must reclaim our lives and the land from the
ruling class who oppress us every moment.  I call on the
workers of the world to form a united front and spend this next year to
prepare for a Global General Strike. We can do this by building strike
support in the form of self-sufficiency and mutual aid as well as sharing
our skills and trade with all. From Guerrilla Gardening and Land
Reclamation to Wild Cats and Workplace Take-overs there are many ways to
abolish wage slavery and live in harmony with the Earth.

Some May Day To Earth Day Direct Actions
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Monday, April 28th:
Protest against the Koch Brother’s Petcoke Facility
3:00 PM – Marina Walk Park – Pittsburg, CA

The Koch Brothers have been a major influence in dismantling workers
rights, militarizing our borders, corrupting the media, and the
destruction of the environment. They heavily fund organizations and
politicians that deny climate change and bust unions.
 For more information:
The Kochs and Clean Energy Jobs: Figures on the Billionaire Brothers’
Financing Attacks Against Workers and the Environment -
Tuesday, April 29th:
Critical Mass and March for the Health and Safety of Workers, the
Community, and Environment.
12:30 – Rally at PGE
1:00 PM – Critical Mass to Richmond BART
3:00 PM – March from Richmond BART to Chevron
Chevron and PG&E’s lack of transparency and ignorance are a threat to the
health and safety of workers, the community, and the environment.
PG&E had a pipeline explosion in 2010 that killed 8 people and destroyed
38 homes. It was proven that they spiked gas pipeline pressure 10% over
the legal, and only inspected corrosion but not welds. Complete
documentation is missing for about a quarter of its 1,800-plus pipeline
miles, and many other health and safety issues. PG&E' s neglect was so
blatent the state is indicting them on 12 charges.

Chevron had a major fire almost 2 years ago after they clearly neglected
the pipes corroding ignoring warnings from workers and inspectors for over
a decade. This fire almost killed 14 refinery workers and sent 30,000
people to seek medical treatment because of air pollution.
For more information about Chevron's neglect:

Wednesday, April 30th:
Picket against Health and Safety issues with Crude by Rail
All Shifts of the day starting at 5:30 AM – Union Pacific’s Ozol Train
Yard – Martinez
Union Pacific and other railroad companies have been endangering the
workers, the community, and the environment by cutting back on health and
safety standards and shipping tons of volatile oil through Martinez and
the Bay Area every day. The growing amount of crude oil shipments by rail
mixed with major deregulation of federal health and safety standards have
caused more derailments in 2013 then the past 4 decades.
The Lac Megantic Derailmen (a train derailment that killed 40 people and
blew up half of the town) is a perfect example of how railroad companies
endanger the workers, the community, and the environment.
(1) All Bakken crude must be 2x inspected; (every 250 miles);
(2) All Bakken crude be classified as “key” trains; CFR
(3) All Bakken crude trains be crewed by 4 railroad workers; bring back
the caboose!!!
(4) All Bakken crude be transported in at least T-112 cars with shelf
(5) Cities must pressure the federal government to reintroduce and enforce
the best Health and Safety standards.
(6) all cars must be properly marked with signage, numbers, etc.
(7) No Hazardous materials through populated areas
(8) No long and heavy trains

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