The Assembly is every Sunday – 2:00 PM – Mosswood Park Amphitheater (South-West Side of Mosswood Park) – MacArthur and Telegraph – Oakland – CA

We had a great kickoff assembly of about 40 people with a huge feast! Special Thanks to East Bay Food Not Bombs, Ed, Stephanie, and Ayr!


Our Guidelines!

All of our Guidelines are voted in by the Assembly.

– We use 75% Super Majority for our decision-making process. –  Approved!

 – Consent is required for filming for every individual and the assembly at large.  – Unanimously Approved!

– Non-Violent Direct Action – Our direct actions will not hurt any living being. – Approved Unamimously!

– Non-Cooperation – We will not collaborate with the police. This means not speaking with them, using security culture, an passively resisting if necessary. -Approved Unamimously!

-Anti-Oppression – People with oppressive or disruptive (sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. ) officially asked to leave by the assembly with a vote of 40% of the crowd. – Amended and Approved Unamimously!

– No Drugs or Alcohol at the Assembly and Direct Actions – We would like our actions and assemblies to be a safe place for children and be protected by holding a clear state of mind. Drugs and alcohol can cause people to feel uncomfortable and invite repression by the police. – Approved Unamimously!


Every Sunday until May Day, we are having an assembly at Mosswood Park Amphitheater to plan direct actions from April 22nd to May 1st that will raise awareness about the intersections of labor rights, indigenous rights, immigration rights, gentrification, and environmental justice issues. You can propose actions or events to fill in the days between may day and earth day. Examples include but are not limited to: film screenings, sit-ins, tree sits, guerrilla gardening, pickets, marches, blockades, strikes, etc.

We have seen in the past few years “health and safety” and environmental regulations have been increasingly violated, disregarded, and dismantled by greedy, self serving actors like the Koch Brothers, proponents of the Trans-Pacific “free trade” Pact, and other corporate and state entities. Indigenous People, workers, immigrants, and environmentalists are rising up across the world to take a stand to defend the Earth and their human rights.

From Earth Day to May Day we are going to step up our game in the Bay. Here we have a long history of taking effective direct actions to achieve our demands and now we are at the point where we must stand together and fight for Environmental Justice in our communities. With climate change upon us we can’t wait for an eco-revolution. We have to make it.

Organize with us!:


Twitter: @GlobalBreenBan #EarthDayToMayDay #EcoGeneralStrike #GlobalGreenBan

Please copy, paste, and share with unions, immigrant rights, indigenous rights , anti-gentrification, and environmental justice organizations!

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